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OUT NOW !!! (Released: December 29, 2017)

CARL sings into a rusty megaphone, introducing a new era of the German music scene with his song SCHWERGEWICHT (heavy weight).

Caribbean carnival, a huge truck, flame throwers, Dancehall moves, German lyrics… SCHWERGEWICHT!

The concept of CARL’s Fantasy Flash through his own world of music was developed with Pretty Dirty. SCHWERGEWICHT, a firework of music, performance and video art is produced by Tobias Zepezauer and Guido Craveiro.

SCHWERGEWICHT is a fusion of all the urban genres. Reggae and Dancehall form the base.

Ever since he can remember, Carl Christopher is making music. Now he found his musical home and you can feel it in every beat of this track.

„The urge to perform my own songs and to put on shows, that leave an impact, couldn’t be ignored anymore.“

CARL comes from a Cologne based musician family and toured as a soundsystem MC with „Pow Pow Movement“ across Europe. His performance is marked by his never ending energy and his talent to carry along the audience.

SCHWERGEWICHT is a prerelease with video on 29th December 2017. The EP of the same name is released on 16th February 2018 on Carl Music/ Chapter One / Universal Music – as digital release and in the Special Fan Bundle (Limited Edition with original CARL-flag from the video).

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SCHWERGEWICHT Single (digital)